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Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Kansas Lesson Plan

This Little Piggy

Lesson Plan
Math is important in agriculture when determining weights of animals. It is needed for marketing, administration of vaccines, determining feed rations and determining pen space. It is also used in the ear notch identification system. Students will apply math skills used in real life swine production.

Hogs are raised in various types of housing ranging from indoor housing systems to pasture. Sows can give birth (farrow) up to three times a year. Farrowing stalls are used to protect the baby pigs from being injured by the sow. Pigs are weaned when they are 2-4 weeks old. It takes about 5-6 months for a pig to reach market weight of 220-260 pounds.

Suggested Grade Level

3rd - 4th


Three-20 minute sessions


Life Science, Math, Reading


  1. Students will learn the life cycle of a pig.
  2. Students will learn 12 popular breeds of pigs.
  3. Students will apply math skills of multiplication, addition, subtraction, fractions to measure weight of pig, average daily gain, amount to feed, amount of medication needed and identification system.
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