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Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Kansas Lesson Plan

Kansas Ponds, Lakes and Reservoirs

Lesson Plan
Students will use Google Earth to study the ponds, lakes, and reservoirs in Kansas. They will examine the characteristics, similarities, differences and the geographical distribution of each. Students will come to understand that the majority of ponds and lakes in Kansas are not natural but are made by humans, which may lead to the discussion of the importance of constructing such bodies of water.

Suggested Grade Level

5th - 6th


60 minutes




  1. Students will learn the similarities and differences between ponds, lakes, and reservoirs.
  2. Students will learn how reservoirs are distributed across Kansas and learn the names of several of them.
  3. Students will learn that most ponds and lakes in Kansas are man-made, and they will learn the various uses for natural and human-made ponds and lakes.
  4. Students will realize how prevalent ponds/small lakes are in their county or area.
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