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Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Kansas Lesson Plan

Farm to Family - Dairy

Lesson Plan
Students will learn the importance of dairy products in their daily lives. This lesson plan will answer the question, 'How does milk get from the farm to my table or glass?' Students will learn the sequence of producing wholesale dairy products on the farm such as milk and cream, processing and transporting safe and healthy dairy products and eating or drinking the dairy products at their table. It will also discuss food safety and the steps taken in the milk production sequence that help ensure a safe and wholesome dairy product such as cheese, ice cream, or yogurt.

Suggested Grade Level

3rd - 5th


40 minutes


Science, Social Studies


  1. Students will match word definitions to match words to definitions that explain the process of milk handling.
  2. Students will understand the sequencing of milk production.
  3. Students will understand that energy flows from the sun to plants to animals in a process known as photosynthesis to provide human food for energy.
  4. Students will learn to flow of energy in a process called photosynthesis.
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