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Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Kansas Lesson Plan

Celebrate Soil

Lesson Plan
Students will learn about Kansas's state soil Harney silt loam by determining soil type by texture, by applying knowledge through graphing the results, and by completing an assessment. They will use science by inquiry skills, data interpretive skills, math skills and social studies skills.

Suggested Grade Level

4th - 5th


100 minutes


Earth Science, Geography


  1. Students will understand the percentage amounts of air, water, mineral matter, and organic matter in the average soil.
  2. Students will label the three types of particles in soil mineral matter.
  3. Students will identify loam.
  4. Students will recognize the name of the Kansas' state soil.
  5. Students will comprehend how Kansas' state soil was formed.
  6. Students will know the general area of 26 counties in the state where the state soil is very abundant.
  7. Students will use textures of mudpie and shape of mudpie and the Soil Textural Triangle to determine soil type in their samples.
  8. Students will compare and contrast their sample types with their classmates and will compare results from activity 1 for plant growth.
  9. Students will share the advantages and disadvantages of their soil types.
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