Water Flows:Kansas Grows!

Welcome to your one-stop water resource shop! The 2017-2018 KFAC school year theme is "Water Flows: Kansas Grows!" We are excited to bring our most precious natural resource to the forefront this year in an effort to increase understanding of the critical importance of water in growing plants and farm animals.

We have several new and newly updated lesson plans all about water conservation, quality and how water flows and is used in our great state. This page will be continually updated with water resources and events throughout the year - so come by again soon!

Water Lesson Plans

Water Posters and Guides

Water Resources for Students

Awesome Aqua: What to Know About H2O »

2018 Bookmark Art Contest

The 2018 Bookmark Art contest theme will also be "Water Flows: Kansas Grows!" The contest is open to all Kansas youth in grades K-6. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase what they've learned about the important role water plays in growing plants and farm animals in Kansas. The contest is sponsored by the Kansas State University College of Agriculture. Entries must be postmarked by February 2, 2018. For more information, contact the KFAC office at

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