Kansas Kids Connection Magazine

These colorful student magazines are a wonderful enhancement to the Educator’s Guides and provide additional activities and information about Kansas agriculture. They are available for free download below.

Farm Animals and Me

3rd-5th Grade Level

Beyond the barn, farm animals provide us with so many great products that we use every day, including some of our favorite foods. The "Farm Animals and Me" Kids Connection Magazines provide students with fun facts, games, relevant inormation and insight into co-products. Unveiled at the 2016 Summer Conference were Beyond the Beef Barn, More than Milk and Pig Tales. These magazines are available for free download.

Be on the lookout for more Kids Connection Magazines as the year progresses from our "Farm Animals and Me" series! sheep, goats and poultry will be released in Fall 2016. They are full of insight and ready to delight!

Download Beyond the Beef Barn

Download More than Milk

Download Pig Tales


A Pollinator Party: Partners in Agriculture

3rd-5th Grade Level

Bees, butterflies, bats, oh my! This eight page magazine provides interactive facts and information about the important role pollinators play in food production!
This magazine is available for free download.


Awesome Aqua: What to Know About H2O

3rd-5th Grade Level

This magazine is all about how water is used and the importance of conservation, with information relating to the U.S. and Kansas.

This eight page kid's magazine is full of information, activities and fun facts that reach several Kansas Career & Workforce Readiness Standards.

We will not be doing a large-scale printing of this magazine. You may download the file for free. It is compatible with tablets and computers.

Download PDF


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