kansas ag facts

Kansas has a history and a future unlike any other state. Through closer examination, students in Kansas should have pride and peace in knowing that this richly exciting ecosystem–their richly exciting ecosystem–is the heart of America in more ways than one.”

– KFAC's Exploring Natural Resources Guide Educator's Guide

Kansans have so much to proud of in our state, and KFAC recognizes how exciting it is to learn about the state in which we live. Kansas Day, celebrated in January, and State Ag Day, celebrated in March, are truly and uniquely Kansas. Through resources for Kansas Day and State Ag Day, students and adults alike will learn what makes Kansas so special.

Agriculture is the #1 industry in Kansas, with aircraft manufacturing and education close behind. Approximately 90% of Kansas land is for agricultural use, and the state ranks high in wheat, grain sorghum and silage production. In 2005, there were 64,500 farms in Kansas, with a total of 47,200,000 acres for farm land.

To view your county’s agricultural statistics, visit Kansas County Farm Facts, presented by the National Agricultural Statistical Service.Sunflower

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