Endowment Fund

You can help Kansas school children explore the various facets of agriculture and its involvement in the whole life cycle by contributing to the long-term success of KFAC. Your gift or estate commitment to the KFAC Endowment Fund will provide a continual source of income to fund KFAC's operation and program needs for the future.

Please download ourĀ Endowment Brochure to learn about ways in which you can secure bright futures for Kansas youth.

Thank you for sharing our commitment to making agriculture a part of every Kansas classroom.

Privacy Policy

When you make a donation to the Foundation, we request personal information, such as your name, address, phone number and email address. This information is used to maintain accurate records and to provide your tax deductible receipt. We are committed to protecting your privacy. KFAC does not share or sell your information to any outside organization. We have electronic, physical, and managerial procedures in place to safeguard your privacy.

Endowment Fund Investment Policy Statement

The purpose of this statement is to set forth the investment policies, the general goals and objectives, and the scope and function of the Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom Endowment Committee.

Scope of Responsibility

The KFAC Endowment Committee is responsible for the management and investment of endowment funds for the long-term financial benefit of KFAC and its educational goals and objectives. Management of all funds shall be exercised with the judgment and care which persons of prudence, discretion, and intelligence would exercise in the management of their own affairs.

The Endowment Committee has been empowered and its members selected by the Foundation's Board of Directors. The committee's primary functions are to:

  1. 1. Facilitate the acceptance of endowment contributions on behalf of the Foundation.
  2. 2. Formulate investment and fund management decisions and effectively carry out those decisions
  3. 3. Provide accurate and timely financial reports to the Foundation Board of Directors and its members.

The KFAC Endowment Committee in no way intends to present itself as professional money managers, but rather individuals who have volunteered their time and talents to aid in the financial aspects of the organization that will further the educational mission of KFAC. In the managing and investing of funds, committee members shall avoid any transaction, conduct or activity which might be construed as self-dealing or a conflict of interest.

Investment Policy

It is the goal of the Endowment Committee to manage funds in a manner that provides for stability of income and safety of capital while accepting an appropriate level of risk to achieve an asset mix which will meet present income needs and the desire for long-term growth and appreciation. Factors to be considered in guiding the committee in its investment decisions shall be quality and type of investment, cash flow requirements, and specific restrictions or directives of designated gifts.

Further details can be requested from the KFAC office.

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