Agri-Tag Program

Show your pride in Kansas agriculture with an Agri-Tag license plate!

Why buy an Agri-Tag?

AgriTag license plateTo promote the #1 industry in Kansas and to support the statewide K-12 agriculture literacy program sponsored by the Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (KFAC). Your support will help fund KFAC programs designed to educate Kansas youth about the importance of agriculture to the quality of their lives and to the future of Kansas.

Who can buy an Agri-Tag?

Anyone with a car or truck registered in Kansas. The vehicle weight limit is 20,000 pounds.

What does an Agri-Tag cost?

photo of an Agri-Tag on o pickup truck As of August 1, 2016, an annual donation of $35.00 for each vehicle.

How do I get my Agri-Tag?

The first time you purchase your Agri-Tag you pay a one-time specialty charge of $48.50 plus applicable fees to your county treasurer. Simply visit your county treasurer and let them know you're interested in an Agri-Tag! The $35 donation will be sent to us from the treasurer's office.

If you're already an Agri-Tag owner, you may renew through your county treasurer.

Is my payment tax deductible?

Yes and no. Your $35 donation to the Foundation each year is completely tax deductible. As with any specialty license plate, there is a non-tax deductible fee of $48.50.

If I have any questions about my Agri-Tag or the Agri-Tag program, who do I contact?

Please call the KFAC office at (785) 320-4350.

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