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Our Mission

"Connecting classrooms to Kansas agriculture"

Our Vision

"Agriculture in every classroom every day"


In 1981, the USDA established Agriculture in the Classroom, which has the endorsement of all living former Secretaries of Agriculture, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, the National Conference of States Legislatures, most of the Governors of the States, and the major agricultural organizations and commodity groups. Significant progress has been made through these partnerships of agriculture, business, education, government and dedicated volunteers.
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Board of Directors

The Foundation's Board of Directors is composed of individuals across the state who are committed to connecting classrooms to Kansas agriculture. The Board members have pledged to uphold the Foundation's purposes and policies, to seek and manage financial and other resources effectively, and to ensure effective organizational planning, all while working to ensure agriculture is in every classroom every day. KFAC is appreciative of these individuals who volunteer their time and effort to reach Kansas teachers and youth.
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Contact KFAC / Our Staff

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
1990 Kimball Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502
  - We are located in the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center.

Phone: (785) 320-4350
Fax: (785) 539-8946
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